SupremeWhip Cream Chargers 8.2g (50pks) – An upgraded Whipped cream charger

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  • The new SupremeWhip cream chargers are a perfect accessory for the kitchen. It possesses a capacity of up to 8.2g for ultra-pure Nitrous Oxide N2O gas.
  • Coated with zinc chrome coating, the new SupremeWhip cream charger is used in all kinds of kitchens and under heavy situations. This coating prevents the whipped cream charger from getting rust usually caused due to kitchen moisture.
  • Our new product is hand-picked for the highest level of quality control. They are manufactured in a state-of-the-art factory with 60+ years of experience. These whipped cream chargers are made with all the latest modifications and features in mind.
  • SupremeWhip cream chargers provide rapid infusion flavours and are favored for various culinary uses.
  • The new capacity of 8.2g uses certified 100% Nitrous Oxide (N2O) and is one of the most desirable cream chargers in the market. Our cream chargers are many in a series and if you buy whipped cream chargers, you are making the best investment towards the highest quality and most valuable Nitrous Oxide whipped cream gas canisters.


  • Using certified 100% pure nitrous oxide (N2O), our brand-new SupremeWhip Cream Chargers offer high-quality services and are the top-notch nitrous oxide cream chargers available.
  • These cream chargers are used mostly in kitchens, cocktail bars and restaurants, providing rapid flavour infusion for making drinks, food flavourings and foams.
  • To avail of the best deals, order our product before 2 PM for same-day dispatch. Check out our FAQ section for more details regarding delivery.
  • Buy our new SupremeWhip cream chargers and save money and time with more amounts of pure nitrous oxide. We deliver whipped cream chargers and canisters throughout Sydney. So, if you are considering the new whipped cream gas canister, then don’t hesitate to place your order.

Product Features

Though several whip cream chargers out there offer innumerable services, what’s with our SupremeWhip cream chargers? What’s so new about it that makes it different from others?

  • 100% Pure Nitrous Oxide – The new whipped cream chargers are made up of 100% recyclable steel. They have a capacity of 8.2g worth of Nitrous Oxide (N2O) which means you will get 100% pure Nitrous Oxide.
  • Rust Resistant Coating –The new zinc coating is also protective against intense kitchen moisture which can inflict rust. Along with that, these whipped cream chargers in Sydney offer the highest level of quality control. It has high resistance against unnecessary and random leakages and guarantees no duds.
  • Newer Cleaning Methods – These chargers also utilise the latest propriety cleaning methods which means you are assured of a super clean canister without any oily residue or industrial aftertaste.
  • Cost-Effective – On top of that, you may dispose of these chargers and they are highly cost-effective, meaning a valuable ROI. A single SupremeWhip cream charger can turn 0.5 litres of whipping cream into a larger volume than a mechanical whipping, making up to 1.5 litres of whipped cream. 
  • Manufacturing standards and Certifications – Lastly whether you live in Sydney or Canberra, our whip cream chargers in Sydney are in compliance with manufacturing standards and certifications like CE, FDA, ISO 14001, ISO22000, ISO 9001, ISO 9002. Is also compliant with TUV, NSF, and HACCP.

Uses and Applications

Each user has a definite purpose of how they want to use these whipped cream chargers. Most commonly they are used in kitchens and for other distinct culinary purposes. A perfect tool for upscale whipped creams, desserts, and sauces. They are fast and efficient compared to other whipped cream chargers. Besides, our canisters are also compatible with all standards of cream dispensers. These whipped cream machines are also used in cocktails bars and restaurants for flavour infusions. It helps in creating the perfect drink, food flavourings, sources, foams and mousses. 

Why Choose Us?

  • Edible Nitrous Oxide
    Food-grade nitrous oxide is an excellent choice for topping off desserts or beverages. Perfect for enticing cocktails and spirits. Our products are a top-notch option for creating luscious sauces and foams on any culinary mixtures.
  • Premium Products
    A young and leading brand among reputable cream chargers brands. We not only advocate best-whipped cream chargers at cheap prices but offer high-quality gas, high-quality raw materials and exquisite packaging to make your party or work as efficient as possible.
  • Instant Delivery and postal services
    Our whipped cream chargers delivery in Sydney operates between 6 PM-5 AM 365 days. Instant home delivery in 30 minutes from Sydney. We are also setting up delivery centres in other regions for wider access.


Q1 – What does SupremeWhip Cream Chargers do?

A: Our professional series nitrous oxide whipped cream chargers use 100% certified pure Nitrous Oxide. Used in kitchens and restaurants for flavour infusions. It is also used for various other culinary purposes. A top-quality whipped cream charger with high-end production of top-quality whipped cream, desserts and sauces.

Q2 – Should I buy SupremeWhip Cream Chargers?

A: Buy whipped cream chargers at reasonable prices at Nangdelivery in Sydney. Available at all centre across Sydney with an instant delivery option, our new product, CE-certified, utilise pure nitrous oxide (N2O) and has a capacity of 8.2g.

Q3 – How long does it take to get Whip Cream Chargers Sydney delivered to your home?

A: For instant delivery options, order your item before 2 PM for dispatch on the same day. As for a normal delivery, our delivery centres are located within close reach and we deliver your whipped cream chargers in Sydney within 30 minutes. Our services are fast and reliable and sometimes, your canisters will be delivered in just 10 minutes.

Q4 – Are SupremeWhip Cream Chargers resistant to rust?

A: The new SupremeWhip cream chargers come with a new zinc chrome coating which prevents these canisters from getting rust.  


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SupremeWhip Cream Chargers 8.2g (50pks) - An upgraded Whipped cream charger


Out of stock