Lux 580g Cream Chargers

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Worried about getting distasteful chemical flavors? With our Lux 580g Cream Chargers, you can now say goodbye to foul taste and odor. This product is better than its competitors in terms of providing 10% more N2O for every whipped cream charger you buy. If you want to make your cooking experience seamless, invest in our cream chargers!


Our cream chargers come with 10% more N2O than other similar products. This means that users get to enjoy a dollop of tastier whipped cream with every charge.

Traditional chargers often release unpleasant chemical tastes. You can get rid of that with our Lux Cream Chargers.

Our whipped cream gas canister is made from premium quality materials so that it gives the most flavorful and tastiest whipped cream each and every time.

Our cream charger is of the right size so that it fits all standard whipped cream dispensers. It is also eco-friendly and quite easy to use. If you want to be a part of the green initiative, invest in this item.

Therefore, a person working in a professional kitchen as well as a home cook can take the cooking experience to the next level with our cream charger canisters. Do not wait and order our product right away!


  1. Can I use a dispenser without a cream charger?

No. Cream dispensers are designed to work with chargers.You cannot make the whipped cream if there is no charger in the dispenser.

  1. What is the use of a pressure regulator?

This comes useful when you want to clean the professional cream charger. With it, you can release the remaining gas so as to dispose of the cylinder safely.

  1. What is the shelf life of a cream charger?

You can use one for up to two weeks. But it needs to be thrown away after that. The cream must not be kept out for too long as it might lose its texture and consistency.

  1. What is the ideal way to store a whipped cream charger?

The item should be kept in a cool dry place when not put to use. It should not come in contact with direct sunlight.

  1. Can children use cream chargers?

No. It is advisable to keep them out of their reach. If not handled properly, the gas can have disastrous effects.

  1. Are whipped cream gas canisters flammable?

The nitrous oxide gas is not combustible in nature. However, it is possible that the gas might speed up the burning of other things.


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Lux 580g Cream Chargers


Out of stock