580g Nitrous Oxide (N2O) InfusionMax Cream Charger Cylinder

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  • Prepare innovative whipped creams for various dishes, drinks, and delicacies.
  • From rich infused garlic rosemary and cocktails to classic whipped cream, our InfusionMax nitrous oxide cream cylinder has you covered.
  • You are all assured to savor unlimited variety through one cream charger cylinder. Trust us, it’s easy to use and offers a lot more than what you’re thinking right now!


  • A refined product of the avant-garde factory, the InfusionMax cream charger cylinder flexes its specialties as an innovative cream-whipping device.
  • These nitrous oxide cylinders are designed to elevate efficiency and productivity.
  • It outperforms both traditional cream-whipping methods and modern cream chargers through its time-saving refill process and abundant use of culinary-grade gas in nitrous oxide cylinders.
  • Do you want to prepare dishes, drinks, and desserts at your will without any hesitance? Then pick up our InfusionMax cream charger cylinder. Capable of whipping creams of all types, which include classic whipped cream, garlic rosemary, and N2O-infused cocktails, our new product is an all-in-one culinary tool to brighten your culinary experiments.

0.95L/580g nitrous oxide cylinder

  • We sell the regulator set separately, while the listing is reserved for the InfusionMax cream charger nitrous oxide cylinder

Note: Make sure the InfusionMax cream charger cylinder is empty before disposing of it. Or empty the nitrous oxide cylinder. To ensure the cylinder is totally empty, a plastic release valve has been added.

New Features

  • Equipped with an advanced meter to determine bottle and working pressure.
  • The new innovative cream charger has a disposable N2O gas cylinder along with a stable non-slip bottom. Besides, the InfusionMax cream charger also has a universal easy push connector with a capacity of up to 500ML/1000ML cream or other liquid. Also, it provides rapid flavor infusions that help in preparing all kinds of drinks and dishes.
  •  The cylinder has 580g of pure N2O and offers 77x refilling, making it the best product for whipping up cream efficiently and instantly.


The InfusionMax cream charger cylinders are used in kitchens, bars, restaurants as well as in home settings. It is also used for many other kinds of culinary purposes as well. With its advanced features and pure 100% Nitrous Oxide, it is the best device to whip cream quickly and effectively.

Why Choose Us?

  • Edible Nitrous Oxide
    Food-grade nitrous oxide and an excellent choice for topping off desserts or beverages. Perfect for enticing cocktails and spirits. Our products are a top-notch option for creating luscious sauces and foams on any culinary mixtures.
  • Premium Products
    A young and leading brand among reputable cream chargers brands. We not only advocate best-whipped cream chargers at cheap prices but offer high-quality gas, high-quality raw materials, and exquisite packaging to make your party or work as efficient as possible.
  • Instant Delivery and postal services
    Our whipped cream chargers delivery in Sydney operates between 6 PM-5 AM 365 days—instant home delivery in 30 minutes from Sydney. We are also setting up delivery centers in other regions for wider access.


Q1 What’s new in 580g Nitrous Oxide Infusionmax Cream Charger Cylinder?

A: The Infusionmax Cream Charger Cylinder is equipped with a bottle pressure meter. With its long-range disposable N2O gas cylinder, it has 520g pure N2O 77x refilling.

It also has a universal easy-push connector and a stable non-slip bottom.

Q2 What’s the price of the Infusionmax Cream Charger Cylinder?

A: Our new InfusionMix cream charger cylinders are now available at a discounted price of $60.00. Order your set to get instant delivery.

Q3 Should I dispose of the Infusionmax Cream Charger Cylinder after use?

A: Before you dispose of the cream charger cylinders once they are empty, empty the nitrous oxide of the cylinder. A plastic release valve is included as well to empty the cylinder of the gas.

Q4 What are the delivery options for Infusionmax Cream Chargers Cylinder?

A: For instant delivery options, order your item before 2 PM for dispatch on the same day. As for a normal delivery, our delivery centers are located within close reach and we deliver your whipped cream chargers in Sydney within 30 minutes. Our services are fast and reliable; sometimes, your canisters will be delivered in 10 minutes.


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580g Nitrous Oxide (N2O) InfusionMax Cream Charger Cylinder


Out of stock