【Free One 660G Tank Per Order】3.3L Tank N2O Skywhip Pro Max Cream Chargers

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  • Buy 3.3L Tank Free One 660G Tank Per Order
    Buy 1  PCS for AU$ 170
    Buy 2 PCS for AU$ 290
    Buy 3 PCS for AU$ 410
    Buy 4 PCS for AU$ 520
    Buy 5 PCS for AU$ 630
    Order over $250 extra one 660G for free
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3300G Tank N2O Skywhip Cream Chargers for Whipping

  • Grand debut: A history-maker in its first attempt, Skywhip Australia becomes the first company to import 580g and 3300G whipped cream cylinders to Australia.
  • Buy superior quality 580g Whipped cream cylinders and 8.4g cream chargers at affordable prices.

Top Features Skywhip Cream Chargers

  • Each 3300G Tank N2O Skywhip Pro Max cream charger is filled with 2000g of the highest culinary grade N2O gas. They are also efficient in reducing a considerable amount of wastage vs. 250 of 8g standard whipped cream chargers per 1 of our units.
  • After complete use of the whipped cream chargers, utilize the nozzle to empty the left-over gas in order for safe disposal. Each Skywhip Pro Max whipped cream charger is equipped with free nozzles.
  • To ensure safe disposal – Make use of the cardboard box marked labeled recyclable. Put the empty Skywhip cream charger cylinder into the box and throw it into the recyclable bin.
  • We take pride in offering an enhanced shopping experience. Each one of our parcels is posted by Eparcel service and comes with a tracking and signature upon delivery. Besides, we also offer pick-up in-store options all over Melbourne.
  • The regulator sets are sold separately.

Defining features in 3300G Tank N2O Skywhip Pro Max Cream Chargers

  • Brand: Skywhip Max XL
  • Type: N2O Whipped cream charger
  • Conditions: Brand New
  • Material: Metal, Stainless Steel
  • Colour: Red
  • UPC: 9357907000628
  • 1 Pack Size(Length*Width*Height): 38.5*13.5cm
  • Per Tank Net Weight: 2000g N2O gas
  • Tank Warranty: 5 years 


  • 3300G Tank N2O Skywhip cream chargers find usage in foods/bars/restaurants. Not for medical purposes. These cream chargers are not recyclable.
  • Buyers must be over 18.
  • All of the gifts are non-refundable and can’t be exchanged. Additionally, we hold the right to decide the final free gift selection.
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Uses and Other Applications

The new 3300G Tank N2O Skywhip Pro Max Cream Charger is used in various places such as in home kitchens, restaurants, and bars. Skywhip cream chargers are widely used for other culinary purposes. However, they are strictly prohibited from medical use.

Why Choose Us?

  • Edible Nitrous Oxide
    Food-grade nitrous oxide and an excellent choice for topping off desserts or beverages. Perfect for enticing cocktails and spirits. Our products are a top-notch option for creating luscious sauces and foams on any culinary mixtures.
  • Premium Products
    A young and leading brand among reputable cream chargers brands. We not only advocate best-whipped cream chargers at cheap prices but offer high-quality gas, high-quality raw materials, and exquisite packaging to make your party or work as efficient as possible.
  • Instant Delivery and postal services
    Our whipped cream chargers delivery in Sydney operates between 6 PM-5 AM 365 days. Instant home delivery in 30 minutes from Sydney. We are also setting up delivery centers in other regions for wider access.



Q1 What’s new in the 3300G Tank N2O Skywhip Pro Max Cream Charger?

A: Brand new 3300G Tank N2O Skywhip cream changer, an advanced meter that measures both bottle and working pressure. It was filled with 2000g liquid N2O and 500ml/1000ml fresh cream.

Q2 What’s the warranty period for the 3300G Tank N20 Skywhip Pro Max Cream Charger?

A: The brand new 3300 Tank N2O Skywhip Pro Max Cream Charger offers a Tank warranty of 5 years. Made with stainless steel and metal, these cream chargers are solid and durable.

Q3 – How long does it take to get 3300G Tank N2O Skywhip Pro Max Cream Chargers delivered to your home?

A: For instant delivery options, order your item before 2 PM for dispatch on the same day. As for normal delivery, our nang delivery centres are located within close reach and we deliver your whipped cream chargers in Melbourne. Our Eparcel services are fast and reliable and sometimes, your canisters will be delivered in just 10 minutes.

Q4 What is the price of the 3300G Tank Skywhip Pro Max Cream Charger?

A: With our new offers, you will get equivalent numbers of 660g of tank free of cost for every Skywhip Pro Max cream charger you buy. Price starts from AU$ 160 and goes up for each bought item.


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【Free One 660G Tank Per Order】3.3L Tank N2O Skywhip Pro Max Cream Chargers