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cream chargers

Skywhip Pro Max 580g cream chargers N2O

  • Skywhip Australia is the first company imported 580g whipped cream cylinders to Australia.
  • We offer superior quality 580g whipped cream cylinders and 8.4g whipped cream chargers at competitive prices.
Features and further details
  • Each 0.95L Skywhip Pro Max Cream Chargers contains 580g of the highest culinary grade N2O gas available, and also considerably reduces wastage vs 72 of 8g standard whipped cream chargers per 1 of our units.
  • Each whipped cream charger includes pressure release nozzle in every order.
  • With the spinning nozzle, Use this nozzle to get rid of any left-over gas in order to safely dispose of the cylinder.
  • Besides easily dispose of a whipped cream charger at an iron dump near you.
  • All our parcels will be posted by Eparcel or Aramax service and comes with tracking and signature upon delivery. Moreover we also offer Pick Up in Store option to Melbourne customers.
How to use a Pressure Regulator ?
1. You need a dispenser and some cream. Of course our
    product skywhip is needed.
2. Open the dispenser.
3. Pour an appropriate amount and milk into it.
4. Then close the dispenser.
5. Connect the regulator to the dispenser.
6. Please make sure the dispenser is sealed.
7. Turn clockwise to open the regulator for five to ten
(Detailed pressure please see pressure table as picture)
8. Counter clockwise rotation then close it.
9. Disconnect the regulator from the dispenser.
10. Finally, turn over and shake the distributor 20 times.
11. Well down! The delicious cream is ready!
  • Whipped Cream Chargers, for Food/ Kitchen/ Bar useonly, not for the medical use, likewise not recyclable.
  • Must be over 18 of purchasers!
  • Brand: Startwhip Max / Skywhip Max
  • UPC: 9369998233335
  • Conditions: Brand New
  • Type: Whipped Cream Charger
  • Material: Stainless Steel, Mental
  • Color: Yellow / Red
  • 1 Pack Size( Length*Width*Height ): 7*32*7 cm
  • Per Tank Net Weight: 580g N2O Gas
  • Tank Warranty: 5 Years
Features and Further Details – Cream Chargers Regulator
  • Connect to any standard cream whipper and easily fill to the desired pressure.
  • Prepare all kinds of drinks and dishes, ranging from the classic whipped cream to rapid-infused garlic-rosemary chicken to N2O infused cocktails!
  • Our Skywhip cream chargers give you unlimited variety through a single culinary tool.
  • Not only is it easy to use, but you gain many benefits!
  • WARNING Please only dispose or empty canisters.


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Free Delivery Tank [PM] Skywhip Pro Max 660G Cream Chargers N2O + Nozzle