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Identifying Faulty Cream Whipper Machines

Do you want to make sure that the cream whipper machine you buy is safe and of high quality? The Nang Delivery Service offers you a few relevant ways to identify faulty cream whipper machines.

While there are essential questions to consider while buying nangs online, we find many customers also purchase them in stores. Therefore, we’re here to give you some easy-to-follow tips on recognizing if the cream whipper machine you’re about to buy is faulty or safe.

Detect a cream whipper machine leak easily

If you can prompt detect leaks in a cream charger, you can:

  • Ensure the quality of whipped cream
  • Reduce the wastage of Nitrous Oxide or N2O
  • Prevent any hazard associated with a gas leak
  • Maintain and extend the functionality of the cream charger

So that you ensure all of the above, it is essential to identify if the cream charge you are about to buy is safe or not for use.

Therefore, here are five ways to detect leaks in a cream whipper machine:

  • Look for signs of physical damage such as loose seams, cracks, and dents on the metal canister. Notice the connection points between the charger and the dispenser which present common areas for a leakage.
  • Use a gas leak detector that works by pressurizing the cream whipper machine with a controlled level of gas. While this is done, any pressure loss is monitored using a pressure sensor. At this point, the evidence of an N2O leak from the canister is indicated by a significant drop in pressure over a short period.
  • Use dish soap mixed with water and apply this soap solution to the joints, the connection points, and the valves of the cream whipper machine. If bubbles form as pressure gas escapes around at a specific site, it indicates a leak.
  • While using the cream whipper machine, listen closely in a quiet room for any unusual hissing sounds flowing from it. Also, if the air around you gives a faint sweet smell, mostly around the cream charger, it indicates a gas leak. N2O emanates a sweet odour which is why if it leaks, the smell might catch your sensory attention.
  • The cream whipper machine may leak but may also heat up during use. This is not so much a definitive test that signifies a leak but it can be a start to testing your cream charger. The concept is that N2O gas expands when it cools, so leaking gas can create a localized cooling effect. On the other hand, a leak can cause a metal canister to feel slightly warmer due to the loss of the cooling gas.

Understand that continuing to use a leaking cream charger can worsen the leak and cause potential safety risks.

Therefore, when you detect that your cream whipper machine is leaking, we advise you to repair or replace the canister.  Of course, this depends on the location and severity of the leak which will tell whether a repair is required or a complete replacement.

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