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The Significance of Nitrous Oxide for Whipped Cream Over Other Gases

Any idea why nitrous oxide is used for whipped cream and not any other gas? We provide Nang Delivery 24/7 services to our customers so we thought it best to talk about this interesting but often neglected question.

5 Reasons Why Nitrous Oxide and no other gas for whipped cream?

N2O or nitrous oxide has key advantages that make it a practical option over other gases. Let’s look at some of these advantages:

  1. Dissolves in fats easily: N2O dissolves easily in fats and fats are a major component in cream. This is also why, while using a cream charger or nang tank, it is advised that the cream to be whipped must have at least 36% or more fat content or the results won’t be successful. So, since N2O dissolves easily in fat, the resulting whipped cream is smooth and consistent.
  1. Expands in fat globules: N2O can also easily expand when released in the cream. It gets trapped in the fat globules of the cream and then expands to form a light and airy texture of whipped cream. This is not possible with other gases as they may not interact with the fat as efficiently.
  1. A relatively safer option in small quantities: N2O is a relatively safer option compared to other gases when used in small quantities. While other gases may be toxic or develop an unpleasant taste, N2O is safer in terms of consumption but in small volumes. Therefore, it is suitable for use in food preparations. N2O is also tasteless and odourless, allowing the natural flavour of the cream to play its magic on one’s taste buds.
  1. Easy to store and transport: As a Nang Deliver 24/7 service provider, we pride ourselves on the responsibility and proficiency it takes to deliver whipped cream canisters safely and on time. At the same time, N2O is a gas that can be easily compressed into liquid, and stored in canisters. This is not always possible with other gases as compressing them might require higher pressure while N2O compression requires modest pressure application.
  1. Affordable for use: N2O gas is a cost-effective commodity as it is a relatively inexpensive element. It proves to be a reasonable choice for individual use as well as large-scale production.

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1. Why not just whisk cream manually?

Air can be used to whip cream but it does not dissolve well in fat. Furthermore, you may not get a good light and airy texture compared to what N2O can produce.

2. Why can’t carbon dioxide or nitrogen be used for whipping cream?

Compared to N2O, carbon dioxide can be used for carbonation to create fuzzy drinks but they don’t interact effectively with fat. If you use carbon dioxide, it can also deliver a sour taste to the cream. At the same time, nitrogen does not dissolve well with fat and is not as effective for whipping cream. Therefore, N2O is a better option in comparison to a large scale than carbon dioxide or nitrogen.