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4 Questions to Ask Yourself When Buying Nangs Online

Whipped cream!!!

No, you haven’t bought them from a retail store or online. We are helping to make it at home. And the good news is you can make whipped cream in any way you prefer, or like. The choice is yours. The tool for doing it can be yours too if you look up nangs for sale.

You know that the tool is called a cream charger or sometimes a nang tank. Although these terms might sound similar to each other or signify the same product, they come with slightly different meanings.

To be frank, nang and cream charges do not always mean the same thing.
What are they? Which one do you need? Or are they sold together? What kind of cream chargers you can purchase for the kind of delicacies you are making?

We can find satisfactory answers to these questions below.

Before We Buy Nangs: What Are Nangs and What Are Cream Chargers

Let’s be clear here. Nangs or nang, in particular, is a gas, which scientists and chemistry students will call Nitrous Oxide or N2O. The gas also has another name: Dinitrogen monoxide (sounds fancy but good).

Now if we consider generalized information about the gas, then we might want to call nang laughing gas too.

Its properties: It’s non-flammable, smells or tastes sweet, and does not contain a signatory colour.

Is it toxic? Can it kill you? Not unless you have ingested a very high dose. Nangs, although considered a valuable ingredient to make whipped cream at home, must not be inhaled or ingested because it might result in severe illnesses or even, death.

Even if you’re lucky to survive after Nitrous Oxide inhalation or ingestion, you might face an illness that cannot be recovered in the future. You should give a thought to that and use this gas wisely.

So, that’s about the nang. A cream charger – like the Skywhip cream chargers we offer you – is a canister or a tank filled with Nitrous Oxide. Do keep in mind that we or any other manufacturer will use food-grade Nitrous Oxide in these tanks at the right density.

In the markets, a little bulb or small canister containing Nitrous Oxide of 8 grams of weight might be called a cream charger or a nang. You can get bigger tanks/ large canisters containing around 500 grams or more, which you’ll find as ‘nang tanks’ more often than not.

For instance, our leading product Miami Magic cream chargers come in large, medium, and small sizes. Known as Miami Magic Infusions, the cream charger comes in large containers carrying either 3.3 liters of Nitrous Oxide or 580 grams.

You can call them nang tanks. Again, the same product comes in smaller canisters, each containing 9 grams of the gas. You may simply call them cream chargers.

Although these are traditional names given to products of these kinds, you don’t have to be super strict with them. However, when you are searching for a cream charger in the weight/ volume of Nitrous Oxide you prefer, then these terms might make your work easier and faster, don’t you think?

Again, cream chargers or nang tanks may colloquially be referred to as just nangs. When searching for a product online, you’ll need to take a look at it closely.

We request you earnestly to read the product descriptions of all products you look up online. Do this with patience and determination so that you don’t find yourself regretting after you have made the final purchase click.

What Do I Need to Check before I Decide Searching Nangs for Sale?

Although nangs sound simple, you’ll have to learn about them a little to find out which type of cream chargers you have to buy online. Whether it’s the Miami magic cream chargers or Lux cream chargers entirely depends on what you want. Let’s learn a little about these products from below and find out when and why you want to purchase them:

  • Find Food-Grade Nitrous Oxide

Nitrous Oxide is also widely used in industries. Not all of these industries will need a food-grade form of the gas though. As a matter of fact, food-grade nitrous oxide is set in particular densities, so that it does not present toxins in your whipped creams, right?

Besides, when you produce the whipped cream and spray it on your food, the gas will evaporate away leaving you with fluffy, tasty cream.

Read the product description to check food-grade nitrous oxide in your cream chargers. Any kind of cream charger made to help consumers produce whipped cream will naturally come with this trait. However, it’s your duty as a consumer to check it. Be serious about enquiring by phone call or message if you don’t find this information.

  • What Kind of Use Are You Looking at Considering Cream

Usually, whipped cream is found in two places: Domestic units such as households and commercial fronts such as restaurants, clubs, cafes, pubs, and other similar units, where the use-case is more industrial in nature.

For home use, you won’t need large tanks or nang tanks and can easily get your job done with canisters. Small canisters containing 8 to 9 grams of nitrous oxide are practically an easy tool for making the best whipped cream and yes, you can make whipped cream in all the ways you want.

Yes, if you’re a restaurant or a café and you need to produce whipped cream in bulk, then the larger canisters or nang tanks such as the Miami Magic Infusions or Skywhip cream chargers or more are the nang containers you want.

Now the conventional idea might prescribe this kind of usage of the nang tanks or smaller bulbs. However, domestic consumers may also buy a nang tank of 500 grams or more if more whipping cream is to be made. A commercial unit such as a restaurant or a café might need occasional whipped cream for special items. In that case, a smaller canister is also okay.

If you are now trying to find quality nangs for sale, make sure that you have done your research about this particular topic. It is because consumers have been found to get confused in this area all the time.

  • Do You Want Flavoured Whipped Cream?

Who doesn’t want to get additional flavours in the whipped cream? It’s special and it’s a tasty thing.

The good news is we have that for you!

Food-grade flavouring agents are mixed with the nitrous oxide in the containers so that you infuse the gas into your cream and get flavoured whipped cream in return.

We are offering a variety of flavours with our cream chargers ranging from pineapple to strawberries to blueberries and more. Please be sure of the right flavouring you might need for a particular food, dessert, or beverage and we can deliver the right cream charger for you very soon.

  • Is the Whipped Cream Dispenser Compatible with the Cream Charger?

When you check out affordable nangs for sale or cream chargers online, chances are you’ll search for a whipped cream dispenser…if, of course, you don’t have one already.

Most people new to nangs will have to own a whipped cream dispenser that allows the nitrous oxide gas to evenly infuse or blend with cream. You can use milk in the right fat percentage as well.

A whipped cream dispenser is a tool, to which you attach the cream charger. You must understand that small 8/9 gram bulbs and nang tanks are fitted on the cream dispenser with different nozzles, built with alternative mechanisms.

So, when you’re looking for a dispenser, buy one that’s an all-around solution for you. Find out if it’s compatible with nang bulbs as well as nang tanks. Your whipping cream dispenser, therefore, needs to have separate nozzles for all sorts of cream chargers.

To Conclude

Whether it’s the small strawberry-flavoured nitrous oxide bulbs or the Skywhip cream chargers, we have it all for you. What’s more surprising is we can help you get your product delivered in hours using a special policy of ours.

Just let us know what cream charger you want and when you want it!


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